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Spotted draft horse

Meet Dewey. Dewey is what as known as a spotted draft horse. Dewey is known downtown for being the unique one. He is the only white and brown pinto colored horse downtown and makes for a beautiful wedding horse!




Meet Bo. Bo is a black percheron from Indiana standing at 19 hands. He actually is the largest horse to operate in downtown Chattanooga in the carriage business. We rescued him from certain death due to being neglected. But now he enjoys a life in the green pasture with an abundance of attention, carrots, and a weekend job in downtown Chattanooga. We are so blessed to have him!


Johnnie Walker

Registered Percheron

Johnnie is our newest addition to the Chattanooga Horse Trams family. He is a 6 year old black percheron standing at 18 hands tall and still has 2 more years of growing to do! He loves attention since he didn't receive much while being a plow horse so now he just eats it up! Hes been a blast!



Draft Mule

Gem, standing for Government Enlisted Mule, is called a draft mule. She is a cross between a donkey and a percheron. She is solid black with a "MP" freeze brand standing for mountain patrol from serving 4 tours in the army as a pack mule. They use them a 2 to 4 years and then retire them and we are so lucky to have come across her. She is the only carriage mule in Chattanooga and the best mule you could ask for.